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Holiday Wrapping Tips

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The holidays are a memorable, yet busy time. There are tons of things on a person’s mind and to-do list, such as decorating for the season, cooking for loved ones, and picking out the perfect gifts. Once you have your holiday shopping completed, the next step is wrapping the presents. Some people love this part and others not so much. It can be hard finding the right wrapping paper, ribbon, or bag to match the gift. But no worries, here are our favorite holiday wrapping tips to help make the process more enjoyable and less stressful.

  • Cello bags – These bags are a great way to quickly wrap a present, while still making it decorative. Stock up on an assortment of sizes for all types of gifts.
  • Tissue paper – While the cello bag is clear, tissue paper adds color to the present. Have on-hand a rainbow of colors, including reds and greens for the season. Make the gift more personalized and wrap it in the receiver’s favorite colors.
  • Ribbon – Some of our favorite types of ribbon to use are wire edged and raffia. The wire edged ribbon provides structure and support to the bow. However, both types enhance the outside appearance of a present. Pair the two together for a festive bow or use separately. It is also a good idea to have several colors and patterns of each ready to use.
  • Gift wrapping paper – If the present doesn’t fit in a bag or is already in a box, gift wrapping paper is your go-to. There are plains, prints, and metallic designs available. Don’t forget the tape to secure the edges of the paper. Clear scotch tape is a favorite, but add a little color and design with washi tape. This type of tape is very popular right now and is made out of natural fibers, such as bamboo and hemp. It is strong, functional, and decorative. Washi tape comes in many different patterns and colors – something to match every present!
  • Gift enclosures – There is nothing worse than giving the wrong gift to the wrong person. Gift enclosures help prevent that mistake and let you know the right person is receiving the right gift. In addition, the receiver knows who sent them the present. These cards come in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Shopping for gifts can be a favorite part of the holiday season. What better feeling is there than seeing a person’s face when receiving a special and beautifully wrapped present?

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